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Matt Willis is ecstatic to announce his first book/CD Tunes, Chords & Harmony Volume ONE. Here is the link:

Tunes, Chords & Harmony Volume ONE is a collection of original tunes, rearranged traditional melodies, and unique harmony parts for classic and new tunes. This book also contains a CD with all the melodies and harmonies played on the highland pipes by Matt Willis.

An extra feature of this book is the inclusion of guitar chords for the tunes. There are also instructions on how to bring either a guitar into tune with a highland bagpipe or a bagpipe into tune with concert-pitched instruments, like a piano or guitar.

The classical pieces “Going Home” and Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” are also included with four-part harmony.

The included CD features every tune in the book and is especially useful for the tunes with harmonies. For these tracks, the melody is panned to one speaker and the harmony is panned to the other to allow you to listen to each part separately as well as together.

Reels & Hornpipes:
The Challenger
The Merry Blacksmith
Toss the Feathers
The Jolly Beggarman
MacKay’s Reel

Jigs & Strathspey:
Rustic Wind
Back on Schedule
Merrily Kiss the Quaker’s Wife
The Rakes of Kildare
Old Hag, You Have Killed Me
The Jiggy Beggarman
MacKay’s Jig
MacKay’s Strathspey

Anchors Aweigh
The Army Goes Rolling Along
Cort’s Welcome
Cutting Bracken
The Houston Highland Games
MacKay’s March

Marines’ Hymn
The Minstrel Boy with harmony
Porter’s Lullaby

Songs and Airs:
Amazing Grace with harmony
America the Beautiful
Danny Boy with harmony
Kirk of the Highlands with harmony
MacKay’s Air with harmony
Mist Covered Mountains with harmony
Shenandoah with harmony

Classical Pieces:
Going Home with four-part harmony
Canon in D with four-part harmony