Bonny Dundee – Classic Breakdown!

Matt Willis’ complete breakdown of the classic 6/8 march “Bonny Dundee” for the highland bagpipes. See the accompanying video here:

When you purchase this package, you will receive the following:
Four (4) page PDF of “Bonny Dundee” written out at 1/4 speed (12/4), 1/2 speed (6/4), full speed with opened embellishments (6/8) and the traditional version.

Ten (12) MP3 play-along files in B-flat (standard practice chanter) & A (lower pitched practice chanter at the following time signature and tempos

1/4 speed (12/4)at 108bpm
1/4 speed (12/4) at 140bpm
1/2 speed (6/4) at 88bpm
1/2 speed (6/4) at 102 bpm
Full speed (6/8) at 72bpm
Full speed (6/8) at 90bpm