Going Home (classical piece)

Matt Willis Bagpiper’s 4-part arrangement of Dvorak’s classic Largo movement from his “New World Symphony”, better known in the bagpipe world as “Going Home”.

Here’s a sample of the MP3 of “Going Home” with melody & three-part harmony.

When you purchase this package, you will receive the following:

Five (5) documents of the sheet music in PDF format:
Going Home FULL SCORE (all parts) (PDF)
Going Home MELODY (PDF)
Going Home 1st HARMONY (PDF)
Going Home 2nd HARMONY (PDF)
Going Home 3rd HARMONY (PDF)

Three (3) music files in high-quality MP3 format:
Going Home FULL SCORE (MP3)
Going Home MELODY & 1st HARMONY (MP3)
Going Home 2nd & 3rd HARMONY (MP3)

The FULL SCORE track is the complete tune with all parts. On this track, the parts have been panned to create a good listening experience. The second track contains the first two parts; the MELODY is panned left and 1st HARMONY is panned right. The third track contains the last two parts; 2nd HARMONY is panned left and 3rd HARMONY is panned right. This is to let you solo up each individual part to help you learn the melody/harmony.

All music is played on the highland bagpipes by Matt Willis.

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