Melodic Fluidity Exercise

A 12-page exercise PDF that has shown real improvement in my students’ playing. These simple three note runs work through every combination on the scale, and while it may seem easy, I promise, there are some tricky parts in here!

And you also have the option to purchase the PDF along with play along MP3 files at 3 different tempos and 2 tunings (B-flat for higher pitch practice chanters, and A for lower pitched practice chanters).

NOTE: if you do chose to purchase this exercise and do not receive a download link/purchase receipt email, please check your spam folder! I’ve been informed that for some folks, the email is being regarded as spam. Thank you in advance!

Work through each of these until there are no runs, crossing noises, or false fingerings (make sure each note is fingered correctly!) and well as ABSOLUTELY EVEN. Spend a few minutes on this each day, and just pick up where you left off at your next practice. Circle or otherwise mark the ones you find trickiest so you can spend extra time on them later when you’ve worked through the whole document.

Link to the original YouTube video: